Using SSH-key instead password

This method is more secure than using password, why? because even your network is secure “some bad guy” still using their old method to brute-forcing your password. BUT the good can be deadly, the worse thing…. once they enter your BOX, and they know which server using your SSH-keyed, you’re dead meat! Ok, lets go […]

Install Fortinet SSL-VPN client on AlmaLinux

Just for information, normal users cannot connect to the VPN, you must be in root mode to do this, Ok lets go! for make possible we MUST install these packets Preparing packets openfortivpn ppp NetworkManager-fortisslvpn (opsional) NetworkManager-fortisslvpn-gnome (opsional) those two opsional packets is for GUI, if you use only CLI you can skip those two, […]

Install MSSQL di AlmaLinux

Gak dipungkiri CentOS Linux ( Community Enterprise Operating System) adalah turunan RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) yang paling banyak dipakai untuk server produksi, kenapa banyak pake CentOS. kok gak pake RHEL aja sih? ya karena RHEL bayar lisensi. CentOS itu intinya linux versi enterprise tapi gratis. CentOS Linux versi 8 tidak diperpanjang lagi dukungannya akhir […]